The essential beach rental packing list


The twins expending their endless energy

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while – but with good reason. I’ve been busy being mama to rambunctious twin toddlers, working hard at my day job and getting back to the gym (which feels so good) to manage my anxiety and boost my energy.

On top of it all, I just returned from our first-ever family vacation, which – let’s get real – was really more of a family trip. There was no rest and relaxation for this mama, with the exception of one blissful morning yoga class on the beach.

But there was so much fun and an abundance of memorable moments: my daughter joyfully rolling around in the sand; my son yelling “Nay!” when we spotted wild horses roaming the beach; and an impromptu toddler inflatable-pool dance party while “Baby Shark” played on the toddler station.

In between the fun were the usual toddler tantrums, sibling fights and car ride meltdowns, but for me, the most stressful aspect of the trip was the packing. Packing for myself and the kids, plus ensuring we had the household essentials for our rental house, was overwhelming and exhausting.

What made it a little less frustrating was creating a packing list in Google Documents that my husband and I could add to as we thought of additional items we’d need. After the trip, I was about to delete the list, then realized: 1. we’ll likely rent a beach house again, so it’s worth saving and 2. there are so many busy mamas and dads out there who might find this list helpful and time-saving.

So I converted the document into a handy, printable checklist you can use as a starting point (because, let’s face it: there are few things worse than starting with a blank sheet of paper).

Download the list here, and let me know what you think!


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