You can’t change crazy

1348000005060_472236Every couple of years, I feel the need to switch jobs. Recently, I’ve begun to wonder if I suffer from a weird two-year itch. The cycle goes: happy honeymoon period during the first year, period of negative realizations about the culture, boss, etc. during months 12 to 18, then an overwhelming desire to flee by month 24.

Coming up on month 24, the thought to begin a job search has begun popping into my mind again. A few reasons: clients with low budgets and no desire to take risks (read: no ability for me to be creative, which I thrive on) and a very controlling, very moody boss with a it’s-my-way-or-the-highway approach to management. The icing on the cake: when he recently told me to “wear something sexy” when I met our client’s new CEO. So add “chauvinistic” to that list of adjectives above.

But here’s the thing. I love the work I do. I love my co-workers even more. I have a nice office. A decent salary. My commute is easy. The company is surrounded by good restaurants, stores and the best shoe repair guy I’ve ever trusted with my soles.

It occurred to me as I thought about this today that it’s not my boss or clients who are really the problem – it’s the way I’m letting both get to me. As my husband, who has an incredible way of putting things into perspective for me, said post-rant (by me) tonight, “You can’t change crazy.”

Replace “crazy” with any word – except “yourself” – and the statement still rings true.

Other than myself, I can’t change anyone or anything. All I can do is: a. accept it for what it is and choose to instead focus on the positives or b. change my situation. It’s really that simple.

So I’m going to attempt to cure my chronic itch by focusing on what I love about my job and what I’m grateful for. I’m going to focus my energy on continuing to do great work and learn. And I’ll see what happens, rather than become frustrated that I can’t control the outcome.